PTSD and Post-Concussion are natural ways for the body to signal to us that we need to resolve trauma.

In this case we have been exposed to a trauma cycle that is not complete.
If we have a car accident, and cannot find safety afterwards, it is possible that the event runs in our nervous system.
The body is still in flight or flight mode.
Fight or flight causes the adrenal glands to remain active, so there is adrenaline being slowly leaked into the body. This causes anxiety within the physical system, which then greatly effects the brain. We have a constant feeling of being on edge, and our cortisol level is elevated.
With time this can lead to sleep problems, digestion issues and depression.
Eventually we are labelled with PTSD or Post-Concussion.

Because the mind is in the body and the brain it is equally effected by the physical trauma.
Numbing the body, brain and mind with anti-depressants or drugs will not allow us to complete our trauma cycle.To fully resolve PTSD or post concussion it is necessary to complete our trauma cycles.
This means we must work on the body, along with the brain.
We must process out our memories of the events from the cells of the body in a safe way.
Movement, guided breath and containment in a safe container allow this to happen.
When we do so the physical echo of the trauma leaves the body, and the adrenal glands can turn off.
When the adrenal glands turn off our blood chemistry changes.
When our blood chemistry changes we can be calm in the mind.

We can then have a sense of calm and peace in our physical being again.
We can find ourselves at home in our bodies.