“There is no such thing as absolute truth and absolute falsehood. The scientific mind should never recognise the perfect truth or the perfect falsehood of any supposed theory or observation.”
-Prof Henry Augustus Rowland.
He served as the first president of the American Physical Society between 1899 and 1901.

Modern science is constantly making new discoveries about what we have previously believed to be “true” about the human body, and the human experience. Our truth is changing, and with it our collective beliefs about the human body and its capacity to heal, to return to wholeness.

In the 1600’s, in Europe, there was a rift created between body, mind and Spirit. The new field of medicine was granted the body, but the Church would remain the keeper of the mind and Spirit. This division is unique to this place and time.
The damaging impacts of this fracture cannot be underestimated.
An expanding and powerful culture drove a wedge into each and every member.
Into itself.

In creating this divide we divided ourselves, and in doing so created the start of a wave of suffering that is still rippling through the world, spreading misery.

Is your problem mental or physical? Is it emotional? Is it esoteric and Spiritual?
We are human beings made of physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual parts.

Yet these parts are also whole. In this separation we create our suffering.
There is no clear line between my body and mind, my emotions and body etc. These four parts are non-separable. My mind is in every cell, and my emotions are comprised of blood chemicals on a cellular level that change my brain function.

So let us start with recognizing our wholeness.

Our bodies are made up of about 37 trillion cells. Each cell is unique, and part of a whole. Part of the body. Part of this planet. Our cells are like us, they are born, they mature, they age and they die. The circle of life is present in every one. We are always swapping our cells out for the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.
We are not fixed, we are always changing.
Like science.

Cell biologist Bruce Lipton has discovered that our cells communicate through their skin, their outer layer. They carry their information there, not as first believed in the centre, and they are incredibly intelligent. They co-operate, they carry very little energy stores, and they are willing to die for the betterment of the whole. Beautiful qualities to live by.

Neuroscientist Candace Pert discovered that cells can hold memory. They can hold the chemicals of emotions, named neuro-peptides.
We throw around the phrase “muscle memory” and yet when we contemplate this fact, we can recognize that the whole body is intelligent. If we take a moment to get out of our heads and brains, we see that our hands know how to type, and our whole body knows how to ride a bike.

Our subconscious is in every cell!
All 37 trillion.
They remember!

Every one of our cells hold memory with an amazing capacity.
They remember how we eat and drink, bike and ski.
They can also hold emotions.
They can hold pain.

Through my work as a trauma specialist I have witnessed the wisdom of the body holding on to patterns and emotions on a cellular level. Like Lipton, and Pert I am amazed at this intelligence.
Yet, this capacity to automate actions, like how we back out of our driveway, is exactly the same capacity to create PTSD, and other elements of serious disease and disregulation.

If our cells can remember things of use, they(we) can also remember things that are of harm!

Our bodies create responses through our nervous system on a cellular level through our endocrine system.
Our endocrine system sends these chemical hormones in our blood stream.
These chemicals reach our brain, and change our brain function and our thoughts.
In seconds.
Our subconscious is running the show.
Our cellular patterns.
90% of the time.

If we create a response to a big stimulus, or a threat on a cellular level, and we complete it in the natural cycle, then our body continues as before.
If we create a stimulus to an event, and we don’t fully complete, then we store the chemicals in our cells. Welcome in dysfunction, stored trauma and on the severe end possibly anxiety, PTSD, and depression.
Now please read that again.

When we have unprocessed emotions in our bodies we sometimes try to numb our pain.
We use work, being busy, sport, relationships, food, sex, porn, alcohol, caffeine, harder drugs and substances to try and deal with the pain held in ourselves.
To be free from this we must understand the natural cycles of the body.
We must know how to complete trauma cycles.
Feel it and heal it.

Stored chemical hormones in our cells change our breathing pattern, movement patterns and physical structure. This, in turn, changes organ function, and then brain function.
How we move is how we think.
How we breath is how we think.

When we start moving into pockets of cellular holding with awareness and presence we can release these unprocessed emotions.
The cells move against one another and they loosen, communicate and release.
Through yoga, Qi Gong and breathing we can create cellular movement with awareness.
This allows these chemicals to release into the blood stream and be integrated.
The mastery of this is not flooding the system into overwhelm.

The essence of creating clarity, ease and balance in our lives must be to gently seek within ourselves our own stored unprocessed chemical emotions and complete the cycles.

How we do this is our journey, unique to each of us, in terms of modalities and timing.
There is no right way, no absolute truth.

I have my daily practices to maintain clarity and continue to clear. Yoga, Qi Gong, movement, meditation.

For me Conscious Connected Breathing has been the most gentle, safest and most powerful way of clearing the deepest stores. For others it may be magic mushrooms or free dance.

Find your practices.
Find your guides.
Find your self.