First of all thank you so much for the treatment I felt amazing afterwards.
The treatment was definitely work controlling our breath for 1 hour is not easy. The effects during treatment when I enter the theta phase was deep, I felt like I was in another dimension. I was hard to come back, or perhaps I wanted to stay there longer.
After 2 months being very busy and no time to relax and breathe, this one hour of drinking my breath was almost a full reset. Afterwards I felt grounded, present and a deep sense of calm.

I walked home as i needed to go get ready to work but its like nothing matter, I was present in the moment. I walked at a very slow and calmed pace and it took a while for my busy self to kick back, the state of calmness and awareness i was in felt amazing.

I also felt like my breath was moving into my body with more ease. It had opened tight area.

Thank You

I can’t wait for the next sessions and to see where changes will take place.

Words by M.B.

After sustaining a serious concussion and nine months of migraines, vertigo and muscle pain Edward worked skillfully with my symptoms to reset my nervous system and release the trauma associated with the event. The transformation was incredible – his extensive knowledge of neurophysiology and holistic healing allowed for a trusting space and effective treatment. Immediately after the treatment I felt safe to be in my body again, my nervous system felt calm and the pain had released. Edward is a talented healer and overall incredible human being; he is deeply dedicated to his patients and facilitating wellness.

Words by E.M.

Just wanted to follow up to tell you that I’ve felt like the happiest girl in the world since our session on Sunday, despite having worked 2, 12 hour days. I feel like myself again! The fogginess and dullness has disappeared, I no longer feel disconnected from myself and everyone else, and I feel energetic and sharp.
I also stopped taking the low dose medication that was recently prescribed to me (in an attempt to clear the brain fog and help me become more present) that was not working.
This is the best I’ve felt since October and I’m in disbelief at the results from just one session. I wish I had found you sooner!

Words by C.F.

Thank you Edward, for the work that you do. For someone that went to see you out of curiosity for the work that you do, rather than a specific traumatic experience / physical pain, I found the session to be nothing short of powerful and empowering. The breath work session, and increased oxygenation to my brain, put me in a trance like state, while you helped shift and release old old pain and trauma that no longer served me. I awoke to a feeling of intense gratitude for all that has come to be in my life, total peace and serenity. Your calming voice throughout created a safe zone that made me feel as if I was cradled in a mother’s arms. That safe zone allowed you to help me release and shift energies, and awake fully empowered to step into my power. What a fabulous way to start my Sunday, or any day!! I highly recommend anyone to have a treatment with you, as we all carry around old injuries, old pain, that bog us down and create self-limiting fears. You set people free, allowing them to once again soar.

Words by M.D.

I suffered from crippling anxiety at random times in my life and always looked towards traditional methods to relieve the symptoms. Once I discovered Edward’s practice I learned that trauma release was able to heal the core of my anxiety.
With Edward’s techniques, patience, and knowledge for his craft, he was able to improve my perspective on a new healing process. I have gained a better understanding of myself through his practice and will forever carry it with me. Thank you for sharing your courage and understanding with me Edward.

Words by R.K.

It’s been a long time since I was fully skeptical regarding treatments considered by mainstream medicine to be alternative and often called much worse. That said, I can never fully shake the science background and so dwindling skepticism remains in some circumstances.

Despite my mind’s occasional reluctance to fully switch off in the past, I found it easy to relax into the treatment.

The initial pace of breathing seemed high and it took some adjusting, from that point on I aimed to follow the prompts and held on for the ride; from the initial headrush to the transient numbness, the experience was figuratively eye-opening.
As the treatment progressed the initial feeling of imbalance in my pelvis and heels disappeared as did the tension in my lower back.
Having had bodywork in the past focusing on organs, I have experienced slight unsteadiness immediately after treatment; however, the feeling after this treatment was on a completely different scale. The final result of feeling evenly rooted through both feet and vertically aligned without tension was a marked difference from the state I entered the room in and I’m definitely excited to learn more.

I think the biggest reflection on the session was that it reaffirmed my knowledge that I have issues to be addressed and that significant changes can happen both quickly and painlessly.

Words by N.S.
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