When our boundaries are crossed we become angry.

This is a self-protection mechanism that the wisdom of our bodies has evolved over thousands of years. We need the strength that the particles of emotion of anger provide. They allow us to fight with strength and out run predators. They can also be misdirected and misunderstood.

In order to be healthy, and to respond well to the feelings and signals of our body, we need to become more aware of the full spectrum of emotions, and be friends with them all.
This includes the “negative” ones, including anger.

Emotions are emotions. Not good or bad.
We love to label some “better” than others, and in doing so avoid our natural processes.
Emotions are chemical messengers to be observerd and mindfully acted upon.

Cultivating a deeper sense of our internal emotional landscape is essential if we are to thrive.

Frustration is one of the first signs that our values are not being honoured or respected.
We have a felt sense that something isn’t right. If we are in tune, and aware we can speak our truth with courage.
If we do, invariably the situation can be corrected rapidly, and we are now in balance again.

Failure to address frustration can lead to the building of resentment.
Over time these frustrations add up, and our lens of a situation and person can become critical. We start to see more and more negative.
We can address this situation meaningfully, with openness and compassion, and that may lead to resolution.

The continuum of frustration builds until we notice it. It courses in our blood stream as the molecules of adrenaline, mobilizing action. The pressence of adrenaline can create the HPA axis to shut down access to the areas of our brain for empathy. This leads to a lack of compassion. We express harshly, with no filter, and our point comes across, and our boundary is now re-established. Anger has saved us, and served its purpose.

Recognizing that anger needs to be acted upon, and used in a reasonable way maintains our nature as humans. The capacity to sense, feel and track, and make a pause is one of the key components that separates us from other creatures.

Rage occurs when anger is surpressed over and over, and finally boils over.
It spills out as the “Red Mist” flooding the body and brain with adrenaline, stoppin logical thinking, reasoning and essential love.

In relationships it is essential to be more mindful of our frustrations and to speak them. The more we open up and speak of our frustrations, the more we can avoid the dangerous path to surpresed anger.
How and when we deliver our message is essential.
How the message is received by the other party is another story!

Continue to speak your truth, with courage!
A daily practice.