One on one treatments

Edward works in clinic offering one on one treatments in Whistler on Monday and Tuesday and in Squamish on Saturday.

Breath circles

Edward offers afternoon and evening breath circles. This is a 2 to 4 hour experience of Conscious Connected Breathing.

Journey into altered states with the power of your breath.

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Edward offers training in Conscious Connected Breathing, through the practices of Breathwave, and with the blessing of his teacher and friend, Robin Clements.

Deepen your practice with a 5 day “Foundations of Breath”

Level 1 training. September 6th to 11th.
Sweetwater Lane Farm, North of Whistler

Email below for more info and to apply today!


Edward believes in creating amazing healing experiences in nature.

Discover the power of fully disconnecting from our busy lives.
Reconnect to the Universal Life Force that flows in all things and beings.

Your custom retreat will be created around your needs, connection and the seasons.
Retreats are often in wilderness locations and camping.

The retreat will include:
One on one breathwork, movement and hands on healing.
Qi Gong, Yoga , Movement
High Vibrational Food
Journaling, Contemplation and Reading
Connecting to Wisdom Traditions

All locations, adventures and activities are possible!

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